Requirement For ALL Volunteers
Parents/Guardians/Family Members/Community Members:

Woodmoor Elementary is excited to welcome volunteers back to campus this year in support of our staff and students. All volunteers in the Northshore School District are able to complete their volunteer application and background check online. Family members of students and community members who volunteer at more than one school will only need to complete the application once a year. Volunteers can learn more and complete an online application here. Follow the Application Process (School and District Volunteers), filling out Steps 1-4.

We are committed to providing a safe work environment for employees & students. All volunteers must:

  • Frequent handwashing, social distancing and wearing mask while on campus.
  • Stay home when sick or having been in close contact with a person with COVID-19.
  • In order to assist with contract tracing, all volunteering must be prearranged with your classroom teacher.
  • All volunteers must check-in and check-out at the front office upon arrival and leaving the school grounds.
Once you are approved, you and your classroom teacher will be notified by the Woodmoor Office.